Surprise At The Glacier

After work the other day I decided to swing by the glacier.  The parking lot for the visitor’s center is exactly two miles from where I live (I’m a runner – I know these things) so it’s not like it was much of a detour.  I thought I’d just take a minute and get some pictures of the pussy willows – but I got something much better.

There were four mountain goats: a nanny with two kids and another adult that was being camera shy.  I’m surprised at how close they let me get.  These pictures don’t feel close because of the lens (I know what I’m saving up for…) but I was just on the other side of Nugget Falls from them.  I guess with this between us how could they not feel safe?

Including the walk out to the falls and back I spent just over an hour alone with them.  The two kids were very rambunctious and it’s amazing to me how sure-footed they are considering their age.

It’s also amazing to me how something so white can disappear so completely when it wants to.  All the fourth goat had to do to ‘hide’ from me was lay down behind some bushes.  I knew what it was and exactly where it was but if I hadn’t seen it walking around my eyes never would have identified it as an animal.  Even though it was closer to me than the other three the pictures I took of it are worthless for that very reason – it just looks like bushes and rocks.


(click to enlarge)

So even though the pictures aren’t what I would have liked I was still feeling pretty lucky about the whole thing.


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