Starr Hill Stairways

We’ve been having some amazing weather lately (60 degrees is “amazing” here…) and I’m still rehabbing my leg (hockey…) so the other day I took a walk up Starr Hill.

Right now is the perfect time to see how extensive the stairway networks are because there are no leaves on the salmonberry bushes.  In another month or two these stairways will feel like green tunnels.

There isn’t much flat land here so when the miners started showing up they had to build their temporary homes just a little further up the hill from the last guy.

Today many of those old property divisions still exist even though it isn’t possible to build roads to the houses.

So the Starr Hill neighborhood is a quirky combination of narrow, steep roads and long stairways.

If you visit Juneau by cruise ship and you want to find Starr Hill just walk “up” – you’ll know when you get there.


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