I stopped by the glacier on my way home from work and found these icebergs.

All of the warm weather (in the 50s) we’ve been having lately has melted the last of the ice on Mendenhall Lake.  Looking at these pictures you might disagree with me…  What I mean is that the lake ice from last winter has finally thawed releasing all of the icebergs that were trapped closer to the glacier.  There is a slight current in the lake that will gradually push them away from the visitor’s center.

So even though you can come here any time of year and see icebergs this is the one time when you can get so close to so many on foot.

I sat on a rock and listened to the ice until it started to get dark.  I took this picture on my way back – at the time I thought there wasn’t enough light but I’m happy with how it turned out.

I hope you liked the pictures!

And if you’re curious why glacier ice is blue go here.


21 thoughts on “Icebergs

  1. Lovely! Like giant floating blue iridescent flower blossoms. On my wish list to see glaciers some day. Thanks for stopping by my (not so quite far north) blog. 🙂

  2. Nice images. I’ve been out there, but during the summer. Don’t remember icebergs on the lake. Have you shot these on a sunny day? The light so changes the ice….

    RPRT Photo

    • I’d like to go back and do it again but we’ve had so much wind that they’ve scattered around the lake. Maybe someday with a kayak… Also, there probably was some when you were here but closer to the outlet – you can’t see that part of the lake from the visitor’s center but you can walk to it or take another road. When were you here?

      • I was there in July/August of ’04. I remember hiking out from the Visitor Center. Kayaking is a great idea! I kayaked among icebergs elsewhere in AK and it was absolutely incredible. I can shoot ice all day long….

        RPRT Photo

  3. I guess I should leave Douglas and check it out. Sometimes going over the bridge to the glacier is soooo far (13 miles) hehe. I think the kids and I will take a drive this weekend and take some fun photos. Any close enough to touch?

  4. “I stopped by the glacier on my way home from work and found these icebergs.” – what an amazing sentence, but seriously what superb pictures and a superb commentry. Thanks for sharing…

    • I know it seems like I must have gone on some sort of expedition to get these pictures but many of them were taken just yards from the parking lot. At most only 3/4 of a mile.

  5. Oh that looks so cold. Amazing photos. How do you survive those temps? We travel north each winter to get away from the 10 to 12 deg Celsius that is winter on the Goldcoast of Oz. Try to have never-ending summer….

    • Someday I’d like to be able to have never-ending summer… About the temps – most of the American mid-west has harsher winters than we (Southeast Alaska) do. That’s not the case for the rest of the state but the climate in Juneau is actually more “Pacific Northwest” than “Alaska”

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