Sea Anemones

Sea Anemone

Southeast Alaska has over 11,000 miles of coastline – and almost every inch is alive.

From a distance it just looks like a lot of rocks, but if you get closer you realize that those rocks are coated in life.  Most of it is mussels and barnacles (or barnacles on mussels…) and you really can’t walk on the beaches here without crunching something.  That’s okay, though, because broken mussels feed the birds at low tide and at high tide the starfish and sea urchins and little fish get a meal.  And there really isn’t a shortage of mussels up here…

If you bend down and take a closer look you can find some amazing little things – like sea anemones.  At low tide most of them pull their tentacles in and hide but sometimes you can find them in tide pools.

One Inch Of Life


9 thoughts on “Sea Anemones

    • despite our latitude the temperature of the ocean is… warm-ish – certainly not tropical but there’s lots of colorful creatures (fish, sea cucumbers, starfish, etc.) in the water here

  1. Neeva loves to touch them and watch them curl back up in a ball to hide :). Beach day for her is next week, so watch out sea anemones!!

    Great pictures

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