Misty Mountains

I was heading into town yesterday and the guy driving the car next to me was totally rubbernecking and I couldn’t figure out why.  As he passed me I noticed his out of state plates and I realized he was just looking at the hills.

We get so much rain here (triple what Seattle gets) that it’s easy to forget how cool the rain and clouds really are.  We don’t get the heavy-downpour-for-an-hour-and-it’s-done type of rain – we get the non-stop type.  And that makes for some really interesting clouds.

These are not fog pictures (although we get that, too) but cloud pictures.  Our ‘ceiling’ is so low that often the planes can’t fly – which wouldn’t be too big of a deal except that we can’t drive out of town…

Anyway, what I couldn’t capture with these pictures is the way that the clouds move through the trees continuously.  It’s almost like the trees are ‘breathing’ the clouds out into the air.  At least, that’s what it looks like to me.


6 thoughts on “Misty Mountains

  1. I love the way you describe how the clouds interact with the trees… “It’s almost like the trees are ‘breathing’ the clouds out into the air.” That’s just perfect. I remember seeing this when I was in Alaska and being totally enraptured by the way the constantly shifting clouds almost make it look like the trees are moving and swirling along with them.

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