Water Droplets

The thing about living in a rain forest is everything is always wet.  Most of the time that honestly sucks – but every once in a while it can be magical.

I think these might be lupine but whatever they are the newest leaves are covered in little hairs that are perfect for holding water.  Some of the droplets were just plain huge.

When I took these pictures I was actually trying to sneak up on a pair of ducks in a pond just off the road.  I saw this cluster of green leaves covered in what looked like diamonds and I promptly laid down and spent 15 or 20 gloriously muddy minutes with them.  I couldn’t imagine what I must’ve looked like…

Totally worth it, right?


13 thoughts on “Water Droplets

  1. Wow what beautiful photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me back to yours. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska one day, I’ll be back to get more inspiration 🙂

  2. These are lovely. Living in Vancouver, BC, I can empathize. We have n shortage of rain here, as well. (BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!)

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