The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth at The Shrine

I played tourist in my own town yesterday afternoon and found something I had never seen before: a labyrinth on the beach.

It only takes a minute or two to navigate but the simplicity of it makes the walk almost like a meditation.

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16 thoughts on “The Labyrinth

    • “The Shrine” is what we call the whole area – it’s the site of an old Catholic church that was built on a tidal island about 20 miles from town. It’s a very scenic location and during the cruise season there are regular tours that go out there. I had been there a few times before but had never seen (or heard of) the labyrinth.

  1. Wonderful post, and gorgeous photos. Just followed your blog. Enjoyed your post about Mendenhall Glacier too. So glad you stopped by my nature/wildlife blog and liked my post so that I could discover yours, I love finding great new blogs! I’m thinking about looking for a winter seasonal job in Alaska (my New Year’s resolution was to see the Northern Lights) so if you have any advice, I’d love to hear your suggestions. (I have two blogs so if you click my avatar it’ll take you to my travel blog)

      • Chuckle, I’ve heard that a lot about people going to Alaska for a short visit and never leaving. I shall come prepared to be around for a while! Yes, I figured that most of the seasonal work would be over the summer, but the best time to see the Northern Lights is over the winter, so I shall snuffle around and see what I come up with. Might have to head a bit further north than Juneau to see some real aurora action.

  2. We had lots of things like this on the beaches in California. You’d walk along and find little surprises left by someone else. Really neat every time.

  3. There are groups here in Vancouver that get together to walk a labyrinth permanently painted onto a floor in a local church. It’s a highly meditative thing! I’e done it myself.
    I love the second shot, but both of them are beautiful.

    • Oh the rocks are actually quite small – softball sized. I think they are the ‘left overs’ from the old church that was built on the tidal island just off of this beach. But it still took determination because all the round rocks were hand picked from nearby beaches and moved to the site by wheelbarrow…

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