Tour Season And Waterfalls

Tourist Watching

I’ve been back in Juneau for just over two years now and as much as I like to think that I can see things with ‘fresh eyes’ I’m starting to find that I can’t. I forget how impressive the mountains can be because they’re all around us. I don’t know the name of the mountain in the picture… it’s just part of Admiralty Island to me. And if I had been facing any other direction then there would’ve been another very similar mountain in the background.

That’s what’s so great about tourist watching – seeing people experience these things for the first time is a good reminder that yeah, this really is a cool place.

And speaking of not knowing the names of things I see everyday… there are these waterfalls right above town that I see all the time but I don’t know what they’re called. I suspect that even if I did know their names it wouldn’t do me any good – does anybody else in town know them?  I doubt it.  There’s just so many of them that we pretty much ignore the common ones.

I was downtown the other day and saw some tourists taking pictures of them. Here’s one of the waterfalls behind town. (those are not fall colors – that’s what the cottonwood trees look like right now)

A Waterfall

And here’s a picture of Nugget Falls – a much more impressive waterfall that I see several times a week.

Nugget Falls

So what I’ve decided to do with this blog is to not worry so much about the quality of the pictures and just post whatever I come across.

Because after posting a picture of one of the most common things in Juneau I’ve learned that I just can’t predict what people will like.

Have a good weekend!


6 thoughts on “Tour Season And Waterfalls

    • Juneau is very spread out so even though it’s not close to downtown it is convenient to other parts of town. It’s a 3/4 mile walk from the parking lot at the glacier to the falls. When I was running a lot I would sometimes run from my home to the falls and back. A lot of people here run/walk/walk their dogs there.

  1. Wow Nugget Falls looks big. But your right, I don’t pay attention to whats around, especially having a husband who is a fisherman here in Juneau. Salmon and crab look the same to me everytime, but they are amazing. You should take a picture of Matt’s boat while it is out of the water and being worked on. Juneau is awesome!!!

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